Mystery Shopping

Virtually For You-Mystery Shopping Services

Are your employees performing to the highest standards possible in your store, on your tours, online, on the phone and via e-mail? Find out via Mystery Shopping!

The best way to find out is via mystery shopping throughout the year. We will shop, report and offer suggestions on how to improve service and offer optional follow up shops. We customize the shops based on the type of feedback you need.

Mystery Shopping Channels:

  • Physical store locations, tasting rooms, service stations and other public facing locations
  • Tourist Services-Winery tours, limo services, recreational services, museums, etc.
  • Customer Service- E-mail, Phone, Chat
  • Wine Clubs
  • E-Commerce, Social Customer Service

How it Works:

  • We work with you to set up customized shopping experiences based on your needs.
  • We analyze the findings and create a report and review with you and give you recommendations.
  • Schedule follow up shops as advised and requested.


Please fill out form below with your specific needs and we will contact you about pricing. All pricing customized based on how many channels, locations, type of location and number of shops. All purchase of products or services will be reimbursed at cost.


Fill out the Mystery Shop Contact Form below and we will contact you for a consultation.

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