Client Portfolio

Wine Industry (Past and Present Clients) :


Hahn Family Wines
Website maintenance, wine club management, email and phone customer support,
e-mail marketing, wine pouring events, order logistics


Scott Harvey Wines
E-mail marketing and social media management


Red Soles Winery
Website management, social media,e-mail marketing, 
event planning and winery support.


Bourassa Vineyards
Website management, social media, e-mail marketing


Changala Winery
Website management, social media,e-mail marketing, 
event planning and winery support.

Elden Selections
French Burgundy wine retailer assisting with email marketing,
social media, ecommerce sales, website, blogging and more.

Yountville Appellation Association 
Board admin, website, social media, event planning, 
board meeting logistics, e-mail marketing, winery support.

Breathless Wines
Launched new brand website, social media, e-mail marketing, 
event planning, order logistics, pouring events

Talbott Vineyards
Website re-launch, wine club management, phone and e-mail customer support,
e-mail marketing, order logistics, tasting events, social media

Humanitas Wines
E-Mail marketing, website maintenance, business development.

Ackerman Family Vineyards
Website content, E-mail marketing, social media, e-mail & phone customer support,
order logistics, compliance reporting, event planning, pouring events

Aged Cabernet Trust
Website maintenance,e-mail marketing, order logistics,
e-mail and phone customer support, business development

Highway 46 East Association
Redesign and build website, SEO, E-mail marketing, event planning, social media

Chumeia Vineyards
Website maintenance, wine club management, e-mail marketing, social media, event planning,
tasting events, order logistics, e-mail and phone customer support

Other Industry Clients (Past and Present):


Pacific Wildlife Care
Assisting local wildlife rescue with social media, email marketing,
community outreach, PR, fundraising and event planning.

California Delicious
E-mail marketing, Amazon marketplace management,
Affiliate marketing, social media, SEO, Google AdWords

Racer Gloves USA
Motorcycle Gloves site needing assistance with adding
organic SEO features to his website to improve search engine placement.

Fast 50s
SEO , social media management, e-mail marketing


Website Development, E-Mail Marketing, Social Media


Women Wealth Wisdom
E-Mail Marketing, Social Media, Book Promotion

Sage Ecological Landscapes & Design
E-Mail Marketing, Social Media, Website Maintenance

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